Art Projects

The project is a collaborative practice between a totally blind man and I. I set out to investigate the concept of Vision, Perception and Blindness through the photographic medium. The process involved asking the visually impaired person how he saw me. In order to do this, I created a dialogue between myself as a photographer and the visually impaired person, whose vision and eyesight are my tools on the one hand, and the visually impaired man himself, who sees and views things in a different way, on the otherĀ I am also intrigued by the question of where my place as a viewer, in the three-sided relationship between the visually impaired man, myself (as a photographer) and the outside world (the viewer), is. I am creating a dialogue between myself and the visually impaired person with whom I am in contact. Our dialogue takes place via a series of images where both sides take an active part as the photographer. The works are B/W inject prints on a Watercolour paper heavy matt. Size: 106x160cm each.