Schachner’s body of personal work focuses on her interest in the complexities of human communication and language as channeled through the eyes, mouth and ears. Her work can be defined as conceptual and experimental art – giving a rational interpretation of her subjects’ disrupted communication.

Schachner’s photos are taken with a medium format camera and an SLR 35mm digital camera. Together with her experimentation of processing methods and black and white photography, she presents her audience with a different reality, a different way of seeing, evoking psychological states – and connecting the audience with her subjects in unexpected ways.

In her commercial work, Schachner takes great care to create a laid back and fun atmosphere, using music, non-studio locations and props to make her subjects feel at ease in front of her camera. As a mother of three, she is especially skillful at candid shoots with children who quickly forget the camera is even there at all! Her aim is to capture the spontaneous moment and deliver beautiful, but realistic and artful images.

She is always keen to work on new projects and challenges.

When she’s not behind the lens, Schachner is spreading her passion for photography and art through Art Gallery Tours and Talks as well as in the classroom to her students.

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