Art Projects

The project has been undertaken solely in B/W. The images are taken through a medium-format camera 6×4.5cm. Computer-processed B/W negative print. The project is divided into two series: 1) Four pairs of images, size: 24x30cm each. Each pair focuses on a same object set in a wide landscape but taken from a different standpoint. One image is taken by stepping to the right side of the object and the other by stepping to the left side 2) Three single images: 1.75×1.75cm each. B/W print from a B/W medium-format negative. The project is about trying to define a wounded landscape, a damaged area within nature. The series is about trying to locate the “sickness” in nature, and through this to mark the barriers between the “sickness and health” within the landscape. By defining the boundaries between them I am highlighting the “death space” which exists between them.